Hot Gems (Playtech)

 HotGThere are many different slot machines out there with gemstones as the main theme, but most of them are either classic-looking slots, or adventure-themes ones with wizards and other mythical creatures as part of the details. Hot Gems, though, is a gorgeous slot machine from the famous game developer Playtech, which really takes us into the world of gems and valuable minerals in general. See, Hot Gems drags the player underneath the surface of the earth, where the gemstones actually are hidden. You take on the role of a digger, and your goal is to load up the little wagon of yours with precious stones in different colours. Playtech is among the most beloved game developers out there, and there are several good reasons for it. Hot Gems is a brilliant example of a well-made, thought-through, detailed and thorough slot machine with cool details and plenty of action for the adrenaline-seeking players out there.

Dig out the money

As with most slot machines from Playtech, Hot Gems is very easy to understand. You can bet anything from a few cents to more than a hundred per spin, and the payout structures will follow suit as you pick the stake that suits your needs. Hot Gems have 5 reels and 25 paylines, just the right amount for experienced players who like to keep their eye on each and every spin. Do note that this is not one of their newest slot machines, though, so Hot Gems is not packed with modern technology (3D-graphics, for example). It is a fun, fast-paced and interesting slot nonetheless, and we are sure that any gemstone lover will enjoy a few rounds on this one.


Action with gemstones

Gems are in focus on the slot machine Hot Gems, as the name suggests. By going deep underground, you are able to carve out the prettiest of diamonds, sapphires, rubies and other precious stones – and all of them pay good money. Playtech has not included any progressive jackpot or bonus games in Hot Gems, which makes this the perfect slot machine for those of you who do not like waiting around for animations and special features to finish. The auto start function is simply brilliant here, since there are no bonus games that delay the spins. Choose the amount of spins you wish to see, pick a bet size per spin, and lean back while the slot machine does the work for you. We would, of course, recommend going for the higher stakes, since the highest payouts are handed out when you bet solid amounts on each spin. But with both wild symbols, multipliers and free spins on the table, you will have the time of your life no matter how much you bet.