Genie´s Gems (Microgaming)

Genie'sGMicrogaming is a game developer that has dominated the gambling industry for almost a decade, alongside a couple of other big names in the business. Their slot machines are always packed with action and high payouts, even the older ones. Have a look at Genie´s Gems, for example. Yes, it is an old slot machine with old graphics, old functions and an old look. Yes, this is a classic one, a slot machine you probably could find in physical form when traveling to Las Vegas or other casino towns. Yes, it does look old-fashioned and might not be suitable for younger players. Youngsters are always looking for modern graphics, animations, bonus games and other stuff that the older generation of casino players could not care less about. For us, it is all about the money. The bets, the combinations, the probability of winning. Genie´s Gems is just what we need, a classic slot with gemstones and an exotic culture in focus. Remember Aladdin and the lamp with the spirit inside? The one who fulfils all his wishes? This slot machine is about that genie, and if you are lucky he might just make you rich.

Gem, not gems

Even though the title claims that the Genie has a lot of gems, it is actually just one gemstone that spins around on your screen when you spin the wheels for the very first time. Not just any gemstone, but a glowing diamond. As you probably know, diamonds are forever, and they cost a fortune. Here, Microgaming has included a bunch of normal card symbols, as well as some details from the story about Aladdin and his genie, the diamond and the blue magic spirit himself, with a turban and all. If you click on the payouts structure, the genie will show up on the left side of the screen and throw some gemstones in the air. It is the genie, and the diamond he loves so much, that are the best paying symbols of the game. The diamond will give you up to 5000 coins per payline, whereas the genie himself has 10 000 coins to offer a lucky player.


Classic slot machine from Microgaming

Genie´s Gems looks old-fashioned, and it actually is. It is an old slot machine, but it still has its fans that cling on to it. First of all, because of the paylines. There are only five of them, but they pay both ways. That makes it easier to win – almost every spin will give you a small reward. With a broad range of bets, it is also easy to match the stake with the size of your wallet. There are no bonus games, no progressive jackpots, no scatter symbols or multipliers in this game, but it does have an autoplay option and a user-friendly interface which makes it easy to get started.