Gemix (Play’n Go)

Gemix is not just another gem-inspired game. Although it has similarities with the Candy Crush Saga game, you will find that there is more to this game than what you will see. This 7×7 reel grid has only one pay-line. Despite that, it remains to be one of the most interesting online slot games. This is not surprising since the video slot is powered by Play’n Go.

About Gemix

What makes this slot game different is the fact that it stays true to the “gem and jewel” theme without following what the others have already done. It takes on a different route when it comes to levels, patterns, and winning strategies.

Unlike the classic slot games, Gemix does not spin the reel. When you click “Start” the gems fall from the top. You win if 5 or more similar gems land beside each other – or are at least adjacent. These adjacent gems will disappear and the gems will fall into the empty spaces. The top part that was vacated will be replaced with new gems. If this movement causes 5 or more similar gems to land beside each other, the same thing will happen until there are no more combinations. When there are no more combinations, you need to press “Start” once more.

There is an option to increase the Bet and Autoplay. Graphically, the game is really visually appealing. It has a comical yet light musical background. It can keep the game from feeling too quiet but it will not be a distraction as you continue playing. With every win, the music noticeably gets more exciting – building up the intensity of the win. Both the graphics and the music change as the game progresses into new worlds.

Game features of Gemix

What is probably exciting about the game of Gemix is the little details that make it unique compared to other video slots.

First of all, you do not just hope that 5 or more gems will land beside each other. There is a blue pattern in the background that has to be filled too. Every time gems disappear right on top of the pattern, it turns yellow. You need to convert all the blue tiles into yellow to complete the level. When you go to a new level, you will After completing a number of levels, you will then progress into other worlds.

The gems in the game offer different prizes. The best among all the gems is the star. It is worth 1000x your bet. The heart gem is worth 500 and the orange flower and purple crescent are both worth 100. Every gem is worth something and the more gems disappear at one time, the higher the prize.

In case you are able to score a win on 20 symbols, you automatically activate the Crystal Charge Feature. This comes in 4 kinds: Nova Blast, Chain Lightning, Light Beam, and Crystal Warp. These bring different kinds of bonuses.

As you can see, Gemix offers a lot of excitement and a different level of gaming experience. You should try it out.