Slot machines with gemstones as themes

gem-drop-slotSlot machines have existed for a very long time now, and they have evolved immensely since the start of their enticing history. With free spins and other bonus offers they’ve captured the attention of millions of players from all over the globe, and nowadays there is barely a country out there where you will not find these money-throwing automatic machines. There are hundreds, if not thousands, different slot machines you could try out, but we will not go into detail on each and every one of them. Instead, we will focus on those with gemstones. Yes, gemstones. Slot machines with gemstones have been popular since the very beginning, and still, up until these modern times, you will see new games with colourful jewels being released.

Different developers

There are a bunch of different slot developers out there, all creating great slot machines, and most of them focus on different things. While some concentrate on classic slots with a modern twist, others release exclusive, top-notch games with 3D-graphics and brilliant animations that will grab hold of you from the very first spin. Now, even though there are, as mentioned, a whole range of different developers on the market, most of them have created a slot machine with gemstones as theme at some point. This is because gemstones are almost a natural part of the industry. They are beautiful to look at, they shine and blink at you with different colours, and the moment you lay eyes on them your brain will understand that there is something valuable in front of you.

Different looks

dazzle-me-diamondPlaytech, Play’N Go, NetEnt, Betsoft, Microgaming – you name the developer, and we will show you the slot machines with gemstones as a theme, that they have created. There is something special about these slots. They all bear a classic look when you take the first glance at them, but just as gemstones are so tremendously different from one another, so are the slot machines as well. Some developers, like Play’N Go and Betsoft, will make the gemstones blow up, move around, or even let you pick your favourite ones and see how much they are worth (virtually, of course). Others are keeping the classic look, and if you have been around slot machines for a decade or two you will understand why. Gemstones have been an integral part of the gambling industry since its early days, and there is no doubt that slot machines with gemstones as a theme will continue to pop up online from time to time.